Dalam konteks aturan tentang Pengertian K3 Pengertian kesehatan dan keselamatan kerja kesehatan keselamatan kerja kesehatan dan keselamatan kerja, kita mengenal istilah K3. Nah, pada kesempatan kali ini sebelum kita membahas tentang apa yang dimaksud dengan k3, terlebih dulu kita akan membahas tentang singkatan K3 itu sendiri.
Jadi kepanjangan K3 adalah Keamanan, Kesehatan, dan Keselamatan Kerja. Jadi dalam ruang lingkup kerja, untuk melindungi tenaga kerja K3 ini diberlakukan. Materi K3 sendiri meliputi berbagai macam aspek dan pada kesempatan kali ini kita akan membahas selengkapnya.
 serta Mengenai hal ini, kita akan bahas kepanjangan dan pengertiannya secara umum pada artikel ini. Kepanjangan P3K sendiri yaitu Pertolongan Pertama Pada Kecelakaan.  Jadi pengertian P3K adalah pertolongan pertama yang diberikan kepada penderita yang mengalami sakit atau cedera baik di tempat kerja, sekolah, organisasi atau bahkan di tempat umum sebelum orang yang bersangkutan mendapatkan tindakan medis jika memang diperlukan. Mengenai materi P3K lengkap meliputi di bawah ini penjelasannya!

Definition of Administration According to Experts

H. Arifin Abdulrachman

According to Prof. Dr. H. Arifin Abdulrachman Administration As A Process Or Activity Administrative formulations as activities related to Indonesian literature read as follows:

1. Regarding the discussion on 'administration', it is clear that what is proposed is the organization of activities to achieve the goals of the community and its members ”(source: Prof. Dr. H. Arifin., Pagina 11)

2. Definition of Administration that can be reviewed from three angles, namely:

First, Administration in the sense of Institutionil, in which the administration meets all people or groups of people as a unit that carries out a process of activities to achieve the initial shared goal.

Second Administration in the functional sense, which is related to the function of all activities or actions taken to achieve the main goal (which includes also involving it in actions to determine the goal itself) or in other words will come.

Third Administration as a process, as an administrative process means the whole process consisting of activities, thoughts, arrangements from the selection of goals to the implementation so as to achieve a goal.

Leonard D. White

Leonard D. White In his book "Introduction to the Study of Public Administration." Interpret administration as follows:

Administration is a common process for all group, public or private, civil or military efforts, large or small scale ... etc. (Administration is a process that is generally associated with all groups of states, civil or military, large businesses with small scale businesses, and so on).

William H. Newman

William H. Newman In his book "Administrative Measures". Interpret Administration as follows:

Administration has been defined as a guideline, and leadership and control of the efforts of a group of individuals towards several common goals. (Administration is determined as a guide / direction, leadership, and supervision of the efforts of groups of individuals to achieve a common goal).

HA. Simon Cs

HA. Simon Cs. in his book "Public Administration". Interpret Administration as follows:

Administration as a group activity that works together to achieve common goals. (Administration is the activity of groups that work together to achieve a common goal).

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Definition of Administration According to Experts and Characteristics of Administration



Pengertian Administrasi

Pengertian Ekonomi

Important Elements in Management Activities

Important Elements in Management Activities

1. Definition of Management
In general, management is defined as a process in which a person or individual can manage everything that is done by an individual or group.

2. 6 Important Elements in Management Activities
After we know the definition of management both in general and according to experts, this time we will discuss what are the important elements in management activities.

Of course, so that the performance of management in the process of doing business activities can run smoothly and also smoothly, there are several elements that need attention. Each of these elements is bound and complementary to one another and we must be positioned equally. In general, there are 6 elements in management activities.

These 6 elements in management are called 6M, so what are the 6 elements?

2.1. Man (Human Resources)
The most vital first management element is human resources. Humans are the elements that make planning and those who carry out the process to achieve these goals. Without human resources there is no work process, because basically they are workers.

2.2. Money
In carrying out all the activities of the day-to-day companies can not be separated from their main raw materials, which are called the costs measured in units of money.

With sufficient money or funds, the company's management activities can be more flexible in carrying out a variety of efficiencies in order to achieve the company's ultimate goal, namely to obtain maximum profit or profit.

2.3. Materials (raw material)
The third element is Material, the availability of raw materials or material is also a very vital element in a production process. Without raw materials or materials, manufacturing companies will not be able to process or produce anything to sell.

In processing it also requires experts to be able to process and process raw materials or raw materials had become finished goods or semi-finished goods. The elements of Human Resources and raw materials are very closely related to each other and cannot be separated.

2.4. Machines
Then to process the raw materials or materials into goods that can be used, then we need a series of tools that work endlessly called the machine, in addition it also requires work equipment.

With the machine, the time we need in the production process will be faster and more efficient.
In addition to being efficient, machines can also reduce the level of human error, but reliable resources and quality raw materials are needed to obtain maximum results.

2.5. Methods
To manage the various elements that are above in the application of management we need a standard method or standard operational procedure.
Like only divisions that exist within the company that has a variety of main functions of the task or a separate job desk, where each division is closely interrelated in carrying out company activities.

2.6. Market
Consumer or market is a very important element in management, without the demand or need for a product or service, the production process will stop and all company activities will be vacuum.

In order to master the market segmentation, the management must have a reliable marketing strategy and be able to compete with similar market competitors in terms of price, quality and quantity.
The six elements of management above are closely related to each other, and each element is very important in the application of management functions to achieve maximum results and efficiency in company activities.

Purchasing raw materials or material values ​​will be much cheaper if done by cash payment. Likewise with the quantity or quantity, the more quantity ordered, the automatic amount will get a special discount from the vendor.


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